Volunteers needed – 5th Grade Field Trip

To the families of our Fantastic Fifth Graders OR anyone else who is interested in chaperoning this trip.

With the new Florida Standards, we are preparing our students to be College, Career, and Life ready. We would love to enhance their learning, by taking our students to Enterprise Village. While at Enterprise Village students get to experience real-life job skills, manage a bank account, and learn how to spend money responsibly.

Being a chaperone on this field trip means you will be able to encourage our students to be College, Career, and Life ready as well. Chaperones play a very important part, as they will ensure students are managing their business, working together, and completing their tasks. Chaperones will get to see our students apply their knowledge, and shine in this real world scenario. Being able to see our students smile and learn is a very rewarding experience.

For students to receive the full experience from this field trip, we need commitments from families to help chaperone this trip. There are some important factors that need to be considered before committing to be a chaperone.

  • Enterprise Village is located in Largo (Pinellas County), it is about an hour drive from Calusa.
  • Chaperones need to have their own transportation to Enterprise Village, and arrive at 8:00am in order to attend training on the responsibilities of the day. You may drop your child off at Calusa at 6:45am, in order to get to Enterprise Village by 8:00am. All students must ride the bus to enterprise village, but you may drive you child home at the end of the field trip.
  • All students attending must be 5th grade students, no younger siblings are allowed, as this is 5th grade curriculum only.

**Our trip is February 13, 2015. If we do not receive enough volunteers we will not be able to commit to this amazing educational experience.**

If you are interested in making the commitment to helping our 5th graders be College, Career, and Life ready through this field trip, open the link and complete the form, or watch for the paper file to go home today.

Enterprise Village


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