Suggested Grade Level Supply Lists

Suggested School Supply List grades k- 5 Calusa Elementary

Click above link to see each grade level.

Please DO NOT write student names on any supplies

Please Note: Individual teachers may request a few additional items


1- Pencil box

20- Glue sticks

1-12 pack of yellow #2 pencils

4- Boxes of crayons                       (16 pack)

1-Pair of fiskars scissors

2-Marble composition book     (sewn pages)

1- Standard size backpack

2-Boxes of tissues

2- Boxes of baby wipes

1- Water bottle for P.E.     (To be filled at home with water only)

1-Hand sanitizer           (Purell)

2- Boxes of Ziploc bags   (one sandwich and one gallon size)

1-Ream (package) of printer/copier paper

1-Pack of dry erase markers-black

2- Bottles of Elmer’s glue


1st Grade

1-Standard sized backpack

2- Packages #2 pencils

12- Glue sticks

3-Boxes of crayons

(24 pack)

1-Pair of fiskar scissors

4-Composition books

(Sewn pages)

4- Double pocket folders

(No 3-ring binders)

2- Boxes of tissues

2- Packages of baby wipes

1- Water bottle for P.E.

1- Box Ziploc bags

(Sandwich size)

1-Box Ziploc bags

(Gallon size)

1-Bottle of hand sanitizer

1- Package of printer/copier paper

1- Pencil box

1-Box of Band-Aids

1- package of eraser caps

1-Package of pink pearl erasers


2nd Grade

10- Glue sticks

1- Pack of #2 pencils

4- Pink pearl erasers

2- Packs of 24 count crayons

1-Pair of scissors

1-Pack of markers

1-Box of colored pencils

3- Composition notebooks

1-Ream of 8 by 11 copy paper

1-Box of tissues

1-Box of baby wipes

1-Bottle of hand sanitizer

4- three prong folders with pockets

2- Packs of dry erase markers

1- Box of sandwich size Ziploc bags (girls)

1- Box of gallon size Ziploc bags (boys)

1- Package of notebook paper

1-Box of Band-Aids (boys)

-Sticky notes (girls)


3rd Grade

4- Wide rule notebooks

(1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 yellow)

4- Plain folders for class

(1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 yellow)

1- folder for homework

(plastic or laminated holds up best, can have pictures on it)

2- Packages wide rule loose leaf notebook paper

2- Packages #2 pencils

1- Package of pencil top erasers

1- Pair of student scissors

1- Box of markers

1-Box of 24-count crayons

2- Packages glue sticks

1- Package dry erase markers

1- Zippered soft pencil pouch

1- Backpack

1- Bottle of had sanitizer

1- Pair of ear buds/headphones for computer

Girls- 1 box of tissues

Boys- 1 roll of paper towels


4th Grade

4-Wet one hand wipes (Any)

1-Westcott scissors 7’’ student

1-1’’ Binders (White clear pocket binder)

1-5 tab page dividers

4- Sticky notes

10- Glue stick, Small (6g)

4- Markers dry-erase (Packets of 4-6)

10- Elmer’s glue stick, large (22g)

5- Highlighters (Packs of 4-5)

6- Kleenex facial tissues

4- Disinfecting wipes

5- Composition notebook

2- Crayons

10- #2 pencils

4- Eraser

1- Box(es) of adhesive bandages

1- Flash drive

6- Pocket folders (multiple colors)

4- Package(s) of paper- college ruled

2- Paper towels

2- Package(s) of printer/copier paper-white


5TH Grade

2- Binders

2- Sets of 5 tab dividers

5- Composition books

6- Glue sticks

1- Box of crayons

4- Boxes of pencils

1- Pack of eraser tops

1- Box gallon size Ziploc bags (boys)

1- Box sandwich size Ziploc bags               (girls)

2- Hand sanitizers

2- Baby wipes of Clorox wipes

3- Boxes of tissue

2- Packs of computer paper

1- Pack of scissors

2- Packs of sticky notes

1- Pack of highlighters

1- Pair ear buds or headphones


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