Shout out to volunteers!

I would like to take a moment to applaud and acknowledge all our volunteers. From those who sharpen pencils and put away library books, to those that read to students and go on field trips, our Watch DOGS, our PTA and everyone in between. They are do so much work behind the scenes, and we could not operate without them! The following 10 people have the top volunteer hours. Jennifer Gallagher – 440 hours. Teresa Pollard – 263 hours. Michael Morrow-227 hours. Andrea Morrow – 226 hours. Luisa Tabone – 221 hours. Natalie Jerabek – 212 hours. Marissa White – 155 hours. Josephine Hernandez – 155 hours. Kelly Kissane – 144 hours. Nancy Ferrara – 107 hours.
Also I would like to say thank you to Jules Phillipe, Nancy Ferrara (Senior) and Johanna Eliacin (Youth) for their nomination for Volunteer of the Year.

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